Department of Library

The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history.


• To provide a student-centered learning environment that facilities transference of information and to cater to the needs of its users to access it.
• To augment and maintain collections in support of the academic pursuits of the college.


• The mission is to provide college students with the information they need to achieve their highest academic potential and help them acquire research skills necessary for lifelong learning.
• To support teaching faculty and administrative staff and participate in interactive information to exchange within the wider library/educational community.

Library Rules and Regulations

General Rules

 Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the library.
 Silence to be maintained.
 No discussion permitted inside the library.
 No personal belongings allowed inside the library.
 Textbooks, printed materials and issued books are not allowed to be taken inside the library.
 Enter your name and Sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entering library.
 Show the books and other materials which are being taken out of the library to the staff at the entrance counter.
 The librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately.
 Library borrower cards are not transferable. The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on her card.
 Refreshment of any kind shall not be taken anywhere in the library premises.
 Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to lose the privilege of library membership and may be debarred from using the library facilities.
 Staff and Students can donate books if they are willing.
 Suggestions on all aspects, of library services are welcome.

Admission to Library

• Students are allowed to library only on production of their authorized/valid Identity Cards.

Working Hours of the Library

 Monday to Saturday 9.15 am to 4.45 pm.

Circulation Issue System

• Books will be issued on presentation of the library card along with the ID card.
• Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing and they will be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return.

Overdue Charges

• Materials borrowed should be returned on or before the due date stamped, if returned late overdue fine will be charged for the delayed period.

Book Lost

• If the books are lost, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the Principal.

Care of library borrower cards

• Take special care to maintain the library borrower cards.
• Do not fold, alter entries made on the cards, Members are responsible for the entire set of library borrower card issued to them.

Loss of cards

• Loss of borrower card should be reported to the librarian. Duplicate card may be issued against formal application and fine.

Validity of card

• Library borrower cards are valid for the entire duration of the course to access library facilities, at the end of the course borrower cards shall be returned to the library.

No due Certificate

• Each student shall obtain No dues certificate from the library after returning all the books issued, surrendering the borrower’s cards and after paying outstanding dues, if any.

Care of Library Books

• Students are require to handle the books/ Journal very carefully; marking with pencil , writing or highlighting , tearing the pages or mutilating the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously.
• In such case reader shall be held responsible unless these are brought to the notice of the library staff at the time of issue.

Reference section

• This section has Encyclopedia, dictionaries, Textbooks Reference books etc.
• which are only available for reference. User can make use of these resources.

Journal Section

• In these section journals, general magazines and news letter are available.
• The latest issues are displayed on display rack and other previous issues are arranged in the drawer.


• To provide a holistic approach in learning by teaching the fundamental concepts.
• To develop and enhance the capability of the library resources and services in meet the demands of the curricular; instructional, and research programs of the academic community by providing regular funding to yearly acquisition of library materials.
• To establish a computer infrastructure of all library operations and services by acquiring library computer software and hardware to make computerization functional.
• To strengthen the library’s bond to the library patrons by establishing “Friends of the Library” program which would assist in the development of the library collection.
• To provide services that enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity.
• To create an atmosphere where in students and faculty may carry on the learning process enjoyable.


S. No Staff Name Designation
1 Dr. V. Geetha Devi M.Com., B.Ed., M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D., Chief Librarian
2 Mrs. Sathya Bama., Library Assistant


An open auditorium with a capacity of 700 persons is located in the main building of the college. Various events such as symposium, workshop, national and international conferences and graduation day etc, can be held. The auditorium has a large podium with well equipped audio system. It is also well illuminated and ventilated.

Ladies Hostel

The ladies hostel for girls is now located in Kilakarai with all facilities. Transport arrangement is provided for pick up and drop from the hostel to college. It provides safety and good facilities for the outstation students. The hostel has facilities with STD, ISD, Gymnasium, a reading room and a computer room. The responsible educated custodian takes good care of the students.


Bus Routes
Route 1: Ramanathapuram
Route 2: Sathirakudi
Route 3: Periyapattinam
Route 4: Rameshwarm
Route 5: Thondi