• The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of information technology. It aids the students to get a sound understanding of computer applications which can give them a perfect start for a challenging career and necessary skills to build successful careers in the information sector. The curriculum is truly tuned for the holistic development of the students and aims at nurturing them as proficient programmers and computer professionals. This program is concerned with design, development, and use of computer applications. Application implies incorporation of the operating system, a utility and a programming language. Thus, BCA graduates are able to develop and prepare documents, projects, presentations, design websites and demonstrate skills in running software programs. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall development of the personality. Students graduating from this program can work gainfully in software services companies, outsourcing companies, and other allied sectors. The program has been designed to impart advanced knowledge in various areas of computer applications. The structure of this program fosters a highly varied learning orientation in students by balancing core courses, advanced elective courses, and a substantial dissertation or project.


    • To produce the graduates as a world class professionals and producing technically competent and ethically sound versatile citizens, thereby contributing towards building a strong, developed nation.


    • To impart computer education and generating innovative knowledge for global competence
    • To acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to obtain employment in a computer related fields and encourage towards the continuous learning process.
    • To build the leadership quality and inculcating the values of women empowerment and to live with dignity and honor.


    • To demonstrate the ability to adapt to technological change and innovations
    • To analyze, design, implement and evaluate computerized solutions to real life problems, using appropriate computing methods
    • To differentiate among essential data structures used in computer programming, and explain how they work
    • To gain knowledge of algorithms and their role in computer applications.
    • To develop computer programs using functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms.
    • To apply techniques of software validation and reliability analysis to the development of computer programs
    • To demonstrate the critical thinking and communication skills required


    S.No Staff Name Designation
    1 Ms P Bavithra M.Sc(CS & IT)., M.Phil., Head i/c, Assistant Professor
    2 Ms G Kavitha, M Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., M.Sc(Psychology) Assistant Professor
    3 Ms S Karthika, MCA., M.Phil (pursuing)., Assistant Professor
    4 Ms R Aiswaryaa, MCA., M.Phil (pursuing)., Assistant Professor


    An open auditorium with a capacity of 700 persons is located in the main building of the college. Various events such as symposium, workshop, national and international conferences and graduation day etc, can be held. The auditorium has a large podium with well equipped audio system. It is also well illuminated and ventilated.

    Ladies Hostel

    The ladies hostel for girls is now located in Kilakarai with all facilities. Transport arrangement is provided for pick up and drop from the hostel to college. It provides safety and good facilities for the outstation students. The hostel has facilities with STD, ISD, Gymnasium, a reading room and a computer room. The responsible educated custodian takes good care of the students.


    Bus Routes
    Route 1: Ramanathapuram
    Route 2: Sathirakudi
    Route 3: Periyapattinam
    Route 4: Rameshwarm
    Route 5: Thondi