• The Bachelor of Information Technology is a pioneering program based on a number of primary courses in IT. During graduation, the students will be able to understand various technologies and their impact and also gain the current usage of IT in Government, Business, Medical and Industry. Information technology as a field highlights the secure management of large amounts of variable information and its accessibility via a wide variety of systems both local and global. In Addition, the students get knowledge of the current trends in computing which will empower them to become leaders in the IT field and technology. The focus of the program is Information Technology and also the Management of Information Technology. Upon Graduation, students with an information technology background are able to perform technology tasks relating to the processing, storing, and communication of information between computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices and to pursue the job opportunities.


    • To produce the graduates to be good in education, research and current technologies in IT field and to inspire the attitudes and values for empowerment of women that will encourage them towards the continuous process of learning on innovative skills and technology in IT


    • To prepare the students wanting to pursue higher studies and make career in Information Technology and also offer practical experience to complement the theoretical knowledge
    • To encourage the students to develop computer-related skills for immediate application to other curricular areas and prepare the students to participate and benefit from the revolution in the area of IT.


    • To make the students to know the basic inputs in various aspects of Information Technology and a wide understanding of Information Technology and its other interdisciplinary boundaries.
    • To provide to the needs of effectively managing the business by connecting the gap between managerial practices in fashion and Information Technology.
    • To make the students to function efficiently in a dynamic technological era.
    • To assist the students to have knowledge of the theory behind the fundamental subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Organization, Data Structures and Algorithm, Data Bases, Computer Networks.
    • To prepare the Students to have sound skills in Procedural and Object Oriented Programming languages, software engineering, Windows Applications and web-based application.


    S. No Staff Name Designation
    1 Ms S Iswarya, M.Sc., M Phil., Head I/C, Assistant Professor
    2 Ms M Krishnaveni, MCA., Assistant Professor
    3 Ms S Jenithayani, M.Sc., M Phil., Assistant Professor
    4 Ms G Kani Mozhi, M.Sc., M Phil., NET Assistant Professor


    An open auditorium with a capacity of 700 persons is located in the main building of the college. Various events such as symposium, workshop, national and international conferences and graduation day etc, can be held. The auditorium has a large podium with well equipped audio system. It is also well illuminated and ventilated.

    Ladies Hostel

    The ladies hostel for girls is now located in Kilakarai with all facilities. Transport arrangement is provided for pick up and drop from the hostel to college. It provides safety and good facilities for the outstation students. The hostel has facilities with STD, ISD, Gymnasium, a reading room and a computer room. The responsible educated custodian takes good care of the students.


    Bus Routes
    Route 1: Ramanathapuram
    Route 2: Sathirakudi
    Route 3: Periyapattinam
    Route 4: Rameshwarm
    Route 5: Thondi