Admission Procedure

Admission procedure

Date of issue of application forms is displayed well in advance in the college notice board and also advertised in the local newspapers.The eligible candidate, who seeks admission for the programmes offered, can get the application from the administrative office. The applications are issued after making entry in the application sale register. Applications received from the student are entered in the registration register.All the received applications are scrutinized carefully for eligibility check.The eligible candidates for admission are called for certificate verification. The original certificates are verified as per the check list . All the eligible candidates applied are admitted as per the university regulations after receiving the fees.Then the candidate is directed to the office where the certificates are surrendered according to the verification checklist and if any certificate is due, the same is endorsed in the column provided for the same in the presence of the candidate and candidate also is asked to sign as an acknowledgement.The certificates are clipped together and kept in separate envelope or tag bound with proper student identifications with special care taken to avoid mix up or misplacement. The certificates verified and taken into possession of the college are treated as customers’ property and kept under safe custody with traceability and retrievability ensured.After finishing the admission formalities the student along with the parent meets the Principal who welcomes them to the college and extends all assistance towards building up a bright future for the student. She briefs them on the college and discipline to be followed. The Principal informs the students about the opening day of the college and orientation meeting schedule.The students are also informed about the opening day through circular and send a intimation letter to their parents.

Power Back Up

• The College has 165 KVA D.G. Set used during power shutdown for the whole campus.
•All computer systems are connected to UPS units with total capacity of 25 KVA

Seminar Halls

A seminar hall with seating capacity of 250 students is available in the campus. They are supported with audio - visual systems. Events such as meetings, intra-departmental symposium, seminars etc, are conducted here.

Communication Lab

40 computer systems are available for providing training in communication skills and career development to learners.